A Beautiful Community

Buddhist Centre

Building Funds and Future Vision

The committee has reviewed options for their long term Centre site location and it was agreed that ultimately the Centre would like to purchase their own property. This may be the existing site or another should that be deemed more appropriate. This ownership would enable the site to be modified to suit the establishment of a resident Monk or Nun and cater for succession planning where the centre would be more secure for longevity and continue to exist regardless of who the Committee members are. This is recognised as a healthy longer term project as funding for such a venture is no small feat. However the committee recognised that for this vision to be achieved, it must remain on the horizon and be in focus so that we can proactively work towards this becoming a reality. We welcome those with skills or expertise that could assist us in fundraising, ideas, longer term donations from individuals or businesses interested in supporting the Dharma or any other deeds that are needed to realise this dream.